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2015.09                      Tyacht registered capital increased to 56 million yuan


2015.02                      Tyacht in cooperation with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University,and held the first

                                         "Tyahct outstanding student" competition


2013.03                      Shanghai Institute of Technology was established in Tyacht scholarships and Grants


2012.12                      Shanghai University of Engineering Science was established in Tyacht  scholarships

                                         and Grants, research and education base for cooperation in the establishment


2012.10                      Become a global supplier of Saint-Gobain


2012.03                      Founded on Shanghai Tyacht Temperature Control Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd


2011.02               Invested in scholarships increased by 40%


2010.10                      Factory expanded and moved to Shanghai Fengxian


2010.06               Tyacht 24h service hotline opened:400-600-0955


2010.04               Set up offices in Sichuan, Shandong, Hubei, Anhui, Liaoning, Henan and Shaanxi


2010.03               Exports five-star hotels in Bali


2009.05                      In Tongji University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai University was founded



2009.03               Tyacht youth employment and entrepreneurship training base was established


2009.02               Shanghai Tyacht Cooling System Co.,Ltd. was incorporated


2008.12                      Set up a scholarship at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


2008.09               Conducted the first corporate culture training at company headquarters conference



2008.01               Enabled CRM (Sales Management) system


2007.06               Into the oil and Qinshan Nuclear Power qualified suppliers


2007.03               Set up Tyacht Grants in seven universities in Shanghai


2006.08               Utility model patents ((a multi-module cooling tower heat exchanger module

                                         performance testing tower)


2006.07               Became the suppliers of YinYang New Energy and Weichai Power


2006.06                      Utility model patents (one kind of closed cycle working fluid is cooled tower)


2006.02               Shanghai Tyacht Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd. was incorporated


2006.01               Tyacht International Holdings Ltd.(BVI) was incorporated


2005.12                      Set up R & D center in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


2004.01                      Get the first big order of closed cooling tower from Fuyao Group(60 modules, the

                                         water flow 6000 m3 / h)


2000.06               Founded the company and agency the refrigeration equipments which have famous


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