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silver fluoride salt limited liability company

The  silver fluoride salt limited liability company is one of the two major domestic electrolytic aluminum flux production enterprises, was founded in 1958 and 1962, dismount, officially put into operation in 1969, is the country for supporting the aluminum industry of the Northern and Central Plains fluoride salt production enterprises . Main production of cryolite, aluminum fluoride, sodium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, sodium fluoride, and have developed a fluorine potassium titanate, potassium fluorozirconate, fluoroborate, potassium fluoride, potassium fluoride, polymer ratio cryolite, attached fluorine series products fluorgypsum, has won national silver medal Buyou, the provincial superior title.

Tyacht cooling tower for cooling the cooling water of the electrolytic aluminum process.

Model:Closde Cooling Tower


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