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Chongqing International Compound Materials Co.,Ltd. (CPIC)

Chongqing international composite materials co., LTD. (CPIC)  go into the glass fiber industry was in the 1970 s.It’s Chinas earliest production by the direct method (1986) "E" glass fiber manufacturer,Todays CPIC is a professional production of a high-speed development of the E and ECR glass fibers Sino-foreign joint ventures,It’s the one of Chinas largest glass fiber co., LTD.Main products are: roving, electronic grade yarn, chopped yarn, chopped strand mat, multi axial bulk yarn, cloth, grid cloth, composite blanket, felt, needle felt on the surface.

Tyacht cooling tower is mainly for the glass melting furnace and air compressor for cooling.

Model:TCC series

TCC-300TR04 ×2




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