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southern section of supercharger oil Jining pipeline project

Jining pipeline is connected to the West-East and the second Shaanxi-Beijing two gas main trunk of contact pipeline bears the important task of gas to the deployment of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, gas supply, as well as the two Trunkline run entire pipe network optimization plays an important role to protect the safe and stable supply. Jining Nan segment supercharger engineering to meet the Jining pipeline from north to south to the west-east gas pipeline to transfer gas and emergency gas supply demand, to the eastern part of Shandong regional gas supply building. Mainly New Taian, the Pizhou two compressor stations, and to transform the sub-transmission and Taian pigging station and the Jining pipeline along multiple station increase small furnace to eliminate the pressurized pipeline running smoothly and distribution of safety the impact.
Tyacht cooling tower supporting a new of Tai’an, Pizhou two compressor stations compressor.

Model:TCC series




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