Fujian Fuyao Glass Industry Group
  Fuyao Group is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the production of automotive safety glass and industrial glass. TYACHT cooling tower for its glass melting furnace and air compressor supporting cooling.
Fuji Electric (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
  we have long-term cooperation Fushi Electric (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd,the main supporting which frequency induction furnace, cooling VIP power.
Hangzhou wahaha Group Co. Ltd.
  Tyacht provide 29 companys belong to Wahaha Group Company cooling tower. The main equipment for air compressor, bottle and bottle cooler.
Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture
  Following the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase I , Daya Bay nuclear power plant into operation, the phase II of Qinshan Nuclear Power which by our own design, self-construction, and self-management, independent operators first 600,000 kW pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. TYACHT cooling towers primarily for its air-conditioning system to be cooled
Shanxi Heavy Automobile Co., Ltd.
  Shaanxi Heavy Automobile Co., Ltd.’s products range covers heavy-duty off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and medium-sized passenger car (chassis), in light trucks, heavy-duty axles, Cummins engines and auto parts and other fields. Tyacht’s cooling tower mainly supporting the air compressor, welding machine and injection molding machine for cooling.
China National Petroleum First Construction Company
  China National Petroleum Construction Company is responsible for PetroChina West-East Gas the Haiyuan station, the Lingtai station Tongguan station three natural gas pipeline station construction. Tingya cooling tower supporting the Haiyuan station, the Lingtai station and the Tongguan station 3 station compressor.
Ningxia Yinyang New Energy
  Silver Yang New Energy Co., Ltd. in Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region monocrystalline silicon production 2000 tons pull rods, 2,000 tons of polysilicon ingots items. Ting Ya cooling tower to supporting single crystal furnace, stove and laminating machines polycrystalline cooling based.

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