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Successful Bid of PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline Project of Closed Circuit Cooler Project

Passing a stringent pre-qualification, our company became involved in the bid among four companies, and then after a fierce competitive negotiation, our company won the bid of PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline project which needs six closed circuit cooler at pu county, Yumen, Zhengzhoud electric-drive compressor station .(TCC-125R, TCC-150R, TCC-250R02 total 6 Units).

Project review: Cooling water are provided in Pu county, Yumen, Zhengzhou electric-drive compressor stations/' compressor synchronous motor and cooling system of frequency converter for the West-East Gas Pipeline Project. Compressor synchronous motor and inverter are started at the same time. Water-cooled motor is required, frequency converter configured to two equipments that one run and the other prepared for emergency in Pu county and Zhengzhou compressor station and only one run in Yumen (the other one is burning-drive compressor, requires no cooling water). In view of forms of motors and inverter running, three stations were set up two cooling towers, including one with a normal preparation. Two cooling towers will run at the same time when Zhengzhou and pu county/'s two motors simultaneously are started.

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