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The Successful Bid of Closed Cooler Project of Chongqing International Compound Materials Co., Ltd.

After fierce competition ,our company won the bidding of the project of 2 Units TCC-500TR07 closed circuit cooler packing with fiberglass melting furnaces.   Chongqing International Compound Materials Co., Ltd. (CPIC) went into the fiberglass industry in the 1970s,. It is the earliest fiberglass manufacturer (1986) using the direct method of production /"E/" in china. Today CPIC is a rapidly developed Sino-foreign joint venture majoring in producing E and ECR glass fibers and is one of the largest fiberglass companies.

CPIC has a world-class production equipment and process technology and has owned well-trained professional staff and loyal supplier. CPIC can provide customers with a wide range of glass fiber products, from textile spinning, bulked yarn to reinforced material production, such as /"E/" fiberglass roving, mat (emulsion / powder), Plaid, thermoplastics with chopped fibers, thermoplastics with long fiber and direct rovings (LFTP) and so on.

CPIC also has /"ECR/" glass fiber production line with 40000MT / Y scale to provide a range of /"ECR/" glass fiber products with good chemical-corrosion resistance for clients.

CPIC is constructing the largest 35000MT / y Textile Yarn Production Line in china.

CPIC is committed to glass fiber production with continuous improvement of quality, to provide customers with the most valuable services.

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