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Successful Bid of The Closed Circuit Cooler Project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd.

After a rigorous inspection and the first instance, Tyacht becomes one of the suppliers of Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Company Ltd for cooling equipment. After a heated bidding competition, our company won the bid of 6 Units TCC-100R closed circuit cooler project.

The brief introduction of Qinshan Nuclear Power joint venture Co., Ltd. as follows:

Qinshan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd. is the nuclear power generation company located in Haiyan County of Zhejiang Province and adjoining to beautiful scenery of Hangzhou Bay. They committed to construction and management of first independently designed, self-constructed, self-managed and independent-operated installed capacity of two 650,000 kilowatts commercial pressurized water reactor in nuclear power generating units in our country.

Qinshan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd. is established in 1988. The company/'s shares are holding by China National Nuclear Corporation, Zhejiang Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group Limited, National Power Company and Anhui Energy Group Ltd. , with registering capital of 2.4 billion yuan. Company carries out General manager responsibility system, leaded the board of directors, with 822 full-time employees, among which 403 people with university degree or above, 144 people with advanced titles 315 people with Intermediate title.

Unit 1 was put into commercial operation in April 15 2002 earlier than the project 47 days. Unit 2 was put into commercial operation in May 3 2004, achieving successfully the significant leap that implementation of nuclear power plant was built from the prototype reactor to the commercial reactor by our own country. At the end of August 2004, two units have accumulated more than 130 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. Unit 1 in 2002 load factor was 74.9%, and 81.2% for 2003. They have been higher than the design value. Ratio of plant unit of investment is 1330 U.S. dollars / kW, being already the lowest in operation at present domestic nuclear power generating units, also lower in the world.

According to the national energy situation and the nuclear power development plan, my country has a formal application for extension of 650,000 kilowatts of two nuclear power generating units (Units 3, 4).

Enterprises are stepping up construction of spiritual civilization and striving to build nuclear culture with creation of enormous material civilization. The company has 276 Party members, representing 34% of the total number of workers. Li Yongjiang, general manger of the company, is the member of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee. Qi Zhen, the chief architect, was elected Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2003. In 2003, the company was awarded the China Federation of Trade Unions /"National May 1 Labor Certificate/", /"600MWe Qinshan nuclear power plant design and construction/" was award first prize by the National Defense Science and Technology. The company community for employees was named civilized community, safety community, green community for many years. It was namedcivilized communities of Zhejiang Province in 2003 .

After honor and setbacks, Qinshan nuclear power joint venture Co., Ltd. cared by all levels and all sectors of the community,under the leadship of the group and the Board of the companies, has always been revitalizing the national mission, to promote the nuclear industry entrepreneurial spirit, struggling to fight, keep making progress. Company adheres to the /"three represents/" important thought as the guide, advancing with the times, blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit, constantly improving the level of power plant management, gradually putting the company into high-tech power generation enterprises, and take efforts to enter the ranks of world-class nuclear power plant.

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