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Won the bid of Hunan Huadian Corpation Power Plant 2×660MW ultra supercritical unit Project

After participating in competitive bidding, Tyacht Company won the bid of closed circuit cooler TCC-250TR02( certified to cool 250m^3/hr from 37 to 32 at 29 entering wet bulb temperature.  )  

China Huadian Corporation is a wholly state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council and established on the basis of a sum of enterprises and institutions formerly owned by State Power Corporation of China. As a pilot entity approved by the State Council to conduct state-authorized investment, CHD was established on 2002 with a registered capital of RMB 12 billion. CHD/'s main  businesses authorized by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission are production and supply of electricity and heat, development of power-related primary energy such as coal and supply of pertinent technological service.

By the end of 2007, China Huadian Corporation has boasted total installed capacity of 63020MW, annual power output was 258.2 billion kW/h, and total assets valued as 239 billion RMB. It has 23 wholly owned, 40 controlling and 21 participating affiliated enterprise. It totally has 83038 employee and its power plants distributed in 25 provinces and regions in China, among which 26 power plants are large-scale ones with an installed capacity of over 1000MW each. CHD has controlling shares in listed companies with excellent performance like Huadian Power International Co., Ltd, Huadian Power Co., Ltd, State Power Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Qianyuan Power Co., Ltd., in Yunnan Jinsha River Middle Reaches Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.with a planned total installed capacity of 21150MW and in Wujiang Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. A number of wind power generation projects like Huitengxile, Inner Mongolia, and Xiaocaohu, Xinjiang are put into commercial operation.

And breakthrough has been made by the company in nuclearpower. The development target of China Huadian in the 11th five-year plan is, by the end of 2010, the installed capacity of China Huadian Corporation is projected to reach 80000MW, annual power out will be over 400 billion kW/h, annual company profits reach 6 billion RMB, and assets return rates is going to 7%.

With the economic, politics, and society as its mission, safety benefit as its core, company development as its orientation, the development strategy of China Huadian in next Period is, persists in the power generation industry, extends the company market scope, insists in resource saving, high technology, international communication, focuses in people foremost, observes the concept of scientific development, reforms, innovates,constructs the harmonious, and builds the company as the /" top power generation enterprise in China, top 500 enterprises of the world/".

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