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China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group 711 purchased Tyacht Closed Circuit Cooler

After a few exchanges and field investigation, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group, 711 purchased /'T-YACHT/' closed circuit cooler (TCC-60R) in December 28, 2007 for production test bench use.

711 Institute was founded in April 1963, under the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Corporation.

711 Institute is an integrated entity,majoring in diesel engine and power equipment, combined with R & D, production, service, engineering contracting and trade as well..

711 Institute is the biggest and most powerful marine diesel and power installations Institute, is the technical base unit of National diesel R & D center,has a number of wholly-owned, holding company, participating stock company. In 2005 711 Institute, together with Finland Wartsila Corporation, has set up a joint venture, Shanghai Wartsila Qiyao Diesel Engine Company co,.Ltd. In 2006, Wartsila Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Yichang Diesel Factory set up a joint venture , /"k Qingdao Qiyao Wartsila Marine Diesel Heavy Industry co,. Ltd. /"

711 Institute mainly focus on diesel engines,R & D and production of hot-gas engines, power systems integration and related technology and products, ship control and automatic systems, thermal power equipment and devices, etc., which constitute the core competitiveness and continuing ability to innovate and become a leader in the domestic.

711 Institute/'s main products include: diesel engine and man-made accessories, engine room automation and industrial automation products, hydraulic transmission products, mechanical transmission products, overhead and ground flare, diesel generator sets etc. 711 Institute enjoys a good reputation, covering 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering more than 30 countries and regions in the world, productions are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, textiles, machinery, automobiles, light industry, ship, education, environmental protection, electricity, telecommunications and other industries.

711 Institute has consistently adhered to leading the power with technology and science, to shape the brand with honest . 711 Institute was awarded the /"National Labor Certificate/", /"National advanced grass-roots party organizations,/" /"Shanghai civilization units,/" and so on.

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