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MK Technology (South Korea-funded) purchased

After visiting Tyacht Company/'s factory and inspection, our company won the bid of MK Technology which needs 4 units closed circuit cooler (1 unit TCC-60TR1unit TCC-47TR2 units TCC-25TR)

Starting with the tire mold business four decades ago in 1967,MK Technology has led the tire mold industry in Korea. The year 1990 was the turning point of the company. Establishment of new Mee Kang Corporation by merging and consolidation of the existing Kang Nam Machinery & Mee Wha Industry has made possible for the company to concentrate technology development for new tire mold system and to actively market to the overseas major tire industries.

Completed the brand new facilities at Daejeon Industrial Complex with expanded capacity by adding sophisticated computer-controlled 5-axis machine tools

Expanded export business to the major tire industries in Asia, North America and Europe by collecting names as outstanding quality producer

Successfully entered into the commercial production for industry new segmental engraved mold. The new process demonstrated unprecedented improvement of the mold quality compared with the conventional casting mold in many areas; dimensional accuracy, increased mold life as well as reduced production lead time.

 Entered into advanced aerospace & turbo machinery business specializing in the manufacturing of sophisticated component such as impellers, blisks, housings and airframe structures. Company could enter into new business area with minimized risk utilizing already established production system and technology acquired through engraved mold process.

Entered into the strategic alliance with the WYKO Group to cover the market of the North America, Central & Latin America and Europe. We have full assurance that MK/'s top of the world products will be more available in the global tire industries with this alliance.

MK Technology has vision of /"Global business, technology leader and satisfaction to everybody; customer, employee and investor/" We will continuously challenge to realize our vision sooner.

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