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ReneSola sunshine Purchase Tyacht Closed Circuit Cooler Again

After the first three normal use of equipment, and the T-YACHT company good product quality and reliable services to protect, RENESOLA buy again five TCC-165TR03/'T-yacht /'closed cooling towers, so far, Zhejiang ReneSola Sunshine Energy Limited Units buy a total of eight modules of 24 closed cooling tower equipment (standard conditions of water flow 2400 cubic meters / hour). Zhejiang ReneSola Ltd. Since the use of sun energy /'T-yacht/' closed cooling tower equipment, has been previously used to solve open-cooling tower when the water is polluted and dirty questions to ensure that their single crystal and polycrystalline furnace safe and reliable operation.

ReneSola Ltd. Zhejiang Sunshine Energy is a UK company ReneSola Ltd 100% owned subsidiary. ReneSola Ltd at the same time the United States at New York Stock Exchange, the United Kingdom version of the London Stock Exchange AIM market. Zhejiang ReneSola is the development of China/'s most dynamic and one of the potential of solar power. The company/'s main product for the production of solar grade silicon cells, polycrystalline silicon films, silicon has a large-scale production and cutting process. Since its inception, was determined on the use of solar power, the service of humanity, and continuously forge ahead, continuing innovation, since silicon shortage has been put on the market, are exported to more than 20 countries, and with some of the world/'s leading long-term agreement signed.

At present, the company has 226 single-crystal furnace Units, polycrystalline furnace 32, line cutting device 72 to form a monthly production capacity of 10 million silicon wafers to achieve an annual output by the end of 2007 alone, 378 megawatts of polysilicon. Production of silicon solar power companies to meet the industry/'s highest quality standards. To build world-class field of photovoltaic enterprises, is the tireless pursuit of the company.

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