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Chairman of Tyacht Present in the 1st Alumni Forum of USST

Mr.Ling, Chairman of Tyacht company ,as the schoolmate of USST, made the speech in theme of /"Employment and Start Business, Practise and thinking/" on March 25th. Bai Sudi, the deputy president, extented appreciation to Mr. Ling for his long-time support to almamater/'s personnel training.

Mr. Ling made a profound analyzation about the difficulties surrounding employment and starting business. He gave advices to the students from the sights of his own experience as the business starter. /"Education and thinking of starting business are not against the graduate students employment ,on the other side with awareness of learning knowledge about starting business and cultivating the thinking will help you know the process and difficulties of the whole course, know the integrated operation of the company, understand thinking from the employer./" he said. Xiao Yuan ,Tyacht Marketing manager talked about how is Mr.Lin and Tyacht in her heart and presented Chairman Lin/'s life details and personality charm as well as the essential qualities required to be a successful entreprenuer.

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