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University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Application for Tyacht grants launched in mid-March. Energy & Power Engineering College undergraduate and graduate students with total number of 83 applicants, in which 33 people are freshmen, 20 sophomores,18 juniors, 12 people seniors. After careful discussion and review, 36 students were chosen. Among them,13 people are freshman, 11 sophomores, 8 juniors, 4 seniors, maximal amount reaches 2,100 yuan each person, the lowest reaches 900 yuan . The result publicized from April 9 to April 16 lasted for one week and the Issuing Ceremony was held on May,8th. Tyacht Company Chairman Lin Faquan, General Manager Huang Jingshan, Marketing Manager Xiao Yuan took part in the assessment and issuing ceremony respectively.  Student Counsellor, Scretary of Party General Branch Jiang Mingming ,Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch Wu jianan, Director of Tyacht R & D Center Zhang Lixin and Professor Yang Mo, etc. also participated in the assessment and issuing ceremony.

College reported the performance of 68 students who were subsidized in 2007 to Tyacht leaders. Statistics show that these students who received financial assistance study hard, make great progress, 7 students joined the Party which all demonstrate that Tyacht grants exert a good social effect.

April 18, the company also organized Tong Ji University, JiaoTong University ,Ocean University finance-aided students to take activities in Forest Park. which widely noticed by public.

Students show grate gratitude to Tyacht Company for its charitable contribution and all determine to take practical action to return to community.

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