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Tyacht won the bid for China National Erzhong Group

Tyacht won the bid for China National Erzhong Group, Deyang base utility system projects cross flow cooling tower closed procurement, water flow 1200t / h and 200t / h multi-tower square cross flow closed cooling towers, water tanks with stainless steel loop , spray pumps and automatic control system, a total of two sets.

China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation (referred to China two heavy), founded in 1958, put into operation in 1971, is China's largest base of one of the major technologies and equipment development. China Second Heavy Machinery Group Company, formerly known as the second heavy machinery plant, in 1993 changed its name to China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation, referred to China two weights. SASAC management is "related to national security and the national economy," the 55 backbone enterprises. Headquartered in Deyang, Sichuan Province, the end of 2009, covers an area of 2,611,000 square meters, the total assets of nearly 18.8 billion yuan in registered employees 12,906 people.
China National Erzhong Group has a state-level technology centers, engineering labs and post-doctoral workstations, with 160MN hydraulic machines and other production equipment 6600 sets, with one steel smelting 900t, 600t ingot casting, castings and finished products output 500t 250t finished forgings capabilities. Is China's largest metallurgical equipment, nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power generation equipment castings and forgings, heavy pressure vessels, large transmission parts, forging parts and other large sets of aviation major technologies and equipment manufacturing base. Fifty years, China has for the two heavy metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, automobile, petrochemical, aerospace and other sectors of national economy and national defense construction provides millions of tons of major technical equipment. Many products to fill the gap, import substitution, in the national economy and national defense construction has played an irreplaceable important role.

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