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Successful Bid of Northeast Special Steel Evaporative Air Cooler Project (Closed Cooling Towers)

After participating in domestic public bidding, Tyacht won the bid of procurement of Evaporative Air Cooler equipment in Northeast Special Steel Group base relocation project on environmental protection in Dalian.(water flow :500m^3 / hr, a total of 2 Units, inlet water temperature :45 , outlet water temperature : 35 .)

Northeast Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Northeast Special Steel Group) consisted of Dalian Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., Fushun Special Steel (Group) Limited Liability Company, Beiman Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. in September 2004, becoming large-scale special steel production enterprises from the reorganization. There is 3.64 billion yuan in Group registered capital, with total assets of 17.3 billion. The production and operation of high-grade and high value-added wood products special steel serve as the main business. Northeast Special Steel Group, focused on major resource in the Northeast china, the formed special steel production and operation of the entire Northeast unified layout, specialized division of labor, the market allocation of resources in a unified situation and become leading enterprises in domestic steel industry. Northeast Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. has jurisdiction over Dalian Jinniu Company Limited, Fushun Special Steel Company Limited, Northeast Special Steel Group Beiman Special Steel Co. Ltd.. The three companies become major production bases in Dalian and Fushun City Liaoning Province and Qiqihar City Heilongjiang Province. In addition, the Group also has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, ten holding subsidiaries, five equity affiliates. Northeast Special Steel has been the development of one hundred years of history, called Chinese steel /"cradle/". They create numerous NO.1 in new Chinese history, such as producing first furnace of stainless steel, the first furnace of high-speed tool steel, the first furnace of high-temperature alloy, the first furnace of precision alloy, the first furnace of high-strength steel, and the first furnace of super-heater high-strength steel.

They provided a key material for the development of our country the first missile, the first long-distance carrier, its first atomic bomb, first hydrogen bomb, manned spacecraft /"Shenzhou V/" and /"Shenzhou VI/", /"Chang/'e/" moon spacecraft Carpathian 10 fighter planes. The 85 percent of the new materials, applied in new weapons on the fiftieth anniversary of National Day military parade in Tiananmen Square on display. Today, in the field of national defense industry of steel, Northeast Special Steel maintain more than 60% of the scientific research mission, more than 60% of the supply of new materials, special steel mission.

Northeast Special Steel Group, focused on the Northeast Special Steel production resources, owning such a world class level of bearing steel, stainless steel bar market re-wire, automotive steel, flat die steel, special alloys, light alloy material, large modules and forgings, rollers, alloy-steel wire, seamless steel pipe, as 10 specialized production line, is Chinese auto industry are steel, bearing steel, tool & die steel, high-tech field of military and special materials, special alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, alloy spring steel wire rod market re - and special steel products deep processing of the six major production base for special steel products. It’s leading products of stainless steel long profiles, bearing steel, tool & die steel, automotive and special alloy steel is in the first for the domestic market share. Since 2001, there have been 19 National Product getting the physical quality of metallurgical products reach the international advanced level Gold Award, and 13 products getting famous brand products in Heilongjiang Province and Liaoning Province.

/"Eleventh Five-Year/" period, the Northeast Special Steel Group, the annual output of Special Steel will reach 3,280,000 tons, 2,880,000 tons of steel annually, annual revenues will exceed 20 billion yuan. At of quality the leading product, market share, production scale, cost-effectiveness and R & D capability of first major production of special steel enterprise in china.

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