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Global chillers and large air-conditioning market overview

In 2007, /"JARN/" magazine published a global analysis of large air-conditioning from UK BSRIA, this report covers the market data : 1. Chiller, including reciprocating, scroll and screw chillers and centrifugal and absorption chillers; 2. Air Products (Air side products), including air handling units (AHU) and fan coil units (FCU); 3. large-scale air-conditioning equipment, including large single air-conditioning (roof units ,cabinet air-conditioning and more than 17.58kW (5RT) wind pipe split air-conditioning, as well as more than 5kW (1.4RT) duct-free split air-conditioning. The following is a summary of the report.

According to BSRIA report of 2006, the global market value of air products and large air-conditioning products is, 14.9% growth than 25.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2005. Among them, the chiller market from 4.873 billion U.S. dollars in 2005 increased to 5.298 billion U.S. dollar in 2006. an increase of 8.7%; market scale of air product is 5.814 billion U.S. dollars, increased 7.2% than 5.421 billion U.S in 2005. dollars; Large singer air-conditioned market is 5.545 billion U.S. dollars, 3.7% increased than 5.345 billion U.S. dollars in 2005,; the of box air conditioner more than 5kW cooling capacity is 12.636 billion U.S. dollars,10.1%.growth of 11.481 billion U.S. dollars  compared with 2005. in terms of water chilling unit market, the market scale of centrifugal chillers in 2006 is 1.055 billion U.S. dollars, representing 9.9 percent growth over 2005. The market scale of absorption chillers (> 100RT)  in 2006 is 710 million U.S. Dollars, 9.1% increased than 2005; reciprocating, scroll and screw chillers market scale in 2006 reaches 35.328 billion U.S. dollars, 8.3% growth more than 2005.

Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States market were two billion U.S. dollars ,1.5 billion U.S. dollars and one billion U.S. dollars according to /"JARN/". Europe ventilator products market reaches 2.3 billion U.S. dollars, top one in the world. Asia and Europe markets in Cabinet air conditioner (> 5kW) lead the world again. The screw-type chiller are used for models of 150kW ~ 1400kW cooling capacity , centrifugal and absorption chillers are used for models of cooling capacity of 00 kW ~ 4500kW . There is strong competition toward models from 700kW to 1400kW, because in this scale, absorption, screw, centrifugal chillers all can be used.

2006 copper, zinc, aluminum and steel and other raw materials had an continual increase in price, so many companies had to increases price of some products.   

Screw chillers continue to replace the reciprocating chillers in many models.For example Hitachi, McQuay and are actively develoing the use of R410A refrigerant screw chillers. Some compressor manufacturer are more concerned about the high-capacity screw comressor development.

In recent years, Japan and China centrifugal chillers market is developing rapidly. China has become an important production base of such products . Similar to screw chillers, centrifugal chillers also have complex oil system. However, oil in the refrigerant will reduce the heat transfer performance in heat exchanger. There are two ways in development of oil-free centrifugal chillers, one is the development of magnetic bearing system, and the other is using liquid refrigerant to replace the refrigerate oil to ensure lubrication and cooling of bearing.

Heat pump and ice storage centrifugal systems have been developed, and they expand the centrifugal chiller applications. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries launched the use of R410A heat pump centrifugal system. The company also introduced Micro Turbo series products, refrigeration capacity of 50RT.

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