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Tyacht won the bid for Shanghai Baosteel Group

November 2012, Tyacht won the bid for Shanghai Baosteel Group About Ningbo Steel strip casting demonstration plant (NBS) Project crystalline roll evaporative air cooler items.
2009 Hangzhou Iron and Steel Baosteel Group teamed restructuring Ningbo Steel to 56.15% of the equity interest in Ningbo Steel became the new owner, and promised to take full advantage of their strengths to Ningbo Steel company into a fully furnished and equipped with first-class, advanced technology, product technology content , intensive use of resources, environmental protection reached domestic leading modern iron and steel enterprises, to become Zhejiang industrial transformation and upgrading, highlighting the content-type, intensive development of demonstration bases.
Tyacht this successful project Ningbo Steel strip casting demonstration plant project in Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Baosteel Group within the steel plant construction project, the project investment of about 560 million yuan, plans to produce 500,000 tons of qualified strip. Project is funded by Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Corporation general contractor, China Metallurgical Group for the construction of twenty general contracting. Major Quantities are: thin strip casting demonstration plant project All Construction Engineering, including renovation and expansion of the existing plant, the new venue original warehouses and other facilities construction and demolition.

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