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"Passion early summer" Seminar - cum on 2011 Tyacht exchange activities

May 28, "passion early summer" The Second Tyacht’s exchange Activities at the Century Park kicked off under a blue sky and green grass.
As one of a series of activities Tyacht scholarships, the event aims to promote corporate culture, enhance mutual understanding between schools and enterprises, training students practical ability and sense of teamwork, enrich school life, broaden their horizons, cultivate body and mind, and to provide a mutually learning platform for the exchange.
The exchange has three university students to participate in a total of more than 20, they were from Shanghai University of Technology, Ocean University and Tongji University. The content of this activity: Morning game with team building mainly at noon for lunch and the free exchange of time, we were sitting around the afternoon is conducted analytical reasoning games. The whole event from 10:00, has been carried out to 17:00 or so, the students interact with each other in laughter and understanding, active discussion, enhance exchanges, warm atmosphere ......
In the past few years, Tyacht always uphold scholarship to encourage college students to learn academic knowledge at the same time, actively participate in social practice activities to enrich school life, and guide students to better self-understanding, self-display, from which to explore their potential, identify future development plans. Tyacht established since 2007 scholarships program has been committed to the relevant training of professionals, and to that end make a contribution to public welfare.

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